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About The No Cost Income Stream Blueprints Product,
The Excitement About This Product Is Off The Charts...

This is a 100% original, made-from-scratch BY US “blueprint” version of our best-selling No Cost Income Stream Course (NCIS).

Over the past few years, the NCIS course has consistently been our best seller.

It’s a product which is ALWAYS in-demand. In fact, it’s really the ONE thing that the majority of our market is looking for.

If you’re in the IM niche, they’ve probably been asking you for it too.

"Teaches How To Make Money Without Spending Money"

The majority of the people in our niche want to know “how to make money without spending money.” When it comes down to it, this is their #1 desire in terms of what kind of business they WANT to build.

We’ve released many courses, and taught many ways to build a business at “low cost”, but finally we’re going to give everyone exactly what they’re asking for:

A detailed blueprint for building a profitable affiliate business with ZERO out of pocket costs (other than buying our product).

"IN DEPTH Course With 89 Lessons"

And when we say “blueprint”… we’re actually talking about an IN DEPTH training course with 89 lessons teaching them step-by-step.

We know that this is going to connect with a wide segment of the market.

Additionally, we’re also including options for resale rights and PLR on the front end, as this will make the offer appeal to an ever wider audience. (Internet marketers, newbies, bizop seekers… we’ve got them all covered.)

This “rights” opportunity will have massive appeal due to the PROOF of this being a top selling product. (NCIS has sold hundreds of thousands of dollars, and this is the first ever release of the blueprint version)

"We are blowing out the front end!"

This is a HIGH value product, and we’re blowing out the front end for only $7 (personal rights), $17 (resale rights) or $27 (PLR)! We’re providing massive value, which means we’ll see great conversions and it will be fun for everyone involved… including your customers.

Our OTO’s have continued to convert at huge numbers (almost always 50%+)…

We will have a full funnel of high-impact upgrades. In fact we believe this is our best funnel ever.

We expect the value per customer to be awesome.

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Commissions + Our Secret Funnel + Your Affiliate Link

Front end:

$7 option = 100% commissions!

$17 option = 60% commissions

$27 option = 50% commissions


This funnel is so big we don’t even want to expose our strategy here on the blog. There will be a total of 10 upgrade options available throughout the funnel, ranging in price from $17 to $97. All OTO’s pay 50% commissions with the exception of two of the options which pay 40% commission.

For the first time ever, we’re using JVZOO for a real guys launch. We still love Clickbank and will keep using them in the future, but we know how so many of our partners love JVZoo and the opportunity to earn instant commissions.

Go here to get your affiliate link from JVZoo:

(Note: You only need to request approval for this one product, and you will automatically be approved for the entire funnel.)

We will send out an announcement to you when we go live, and you can then begin promoting. Your traffic will go directly to the sales page.

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JV Contest With Guaranteed Prize Payouts

$2,345 In Cash Up For Grabs

The JV Contest with guaranteed cash payouts at 15 levels deep will run for the duration of the 8-day firesale: January 14th – 21st. Needless to say, there is going to be a massive amount of urgency, and it’s going to convert like crazy.

We’ll be posting contest results on the JV Blog each day, as well as some swipe emails.


There is NO minimum prize level. We will be awarding all of the prizes, regardless of how many sales you make. We will count all sales including OTO’s.

We’ve decided to award prizes a full 15 levels deep to make it really exciting and involve as many partners as possible!

You can choose between PayPal or Amazon gift card.

1st place: $1,000.00
2nd place: $500.00
3rd place: $250.00
4th place: $150.00
5th place: $100.00
6th place: $75.00
7th place: $50.00
8th place: $45.00
9th place: $40.00
10th place: $35.00
11th place: $30.00
12th place: $25.00
13th place: $20.00
14th place: $15.00
15th place: $10.00

If you’ve participated in our contests in the past, then you know that we do update the contest leaderboard every day (unless physically unable), and we also send out the prizes promptly after the contest.

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Swipe Emails

We’ll be posting swipe emails prior to the launch, and throughout the week.

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We reciprocate for our JV partners!

Let’s make some money while providing a high quality product that your subscribers will love!

Thanks for your help,

Eric Holmlund, Jeff Wellman, Paul Counts
“The Real Guys”

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Email: paulcountsmarketing (at) gmail (dot) com

Phone/Text: (405) 714-4623

Skype: paul.counts


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