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About The G-Hacks PLR Product,
Learn To Leverage Google's Tools For More Profits

This is a 100% original, made-from-scratch BY ME tutorial series teaching people how to leverage Google's tools for more income!

As you know Google is way more than just a search engine! They have numerous tools that you and your customers can be leveraging to boost your bottom line, increase your traffic, transform your productivity, and take your organization to the next level!

In fact this product reveals some secret tools that Google has that no one knows about! I like to call these "Google Hacks"!

"Teaches How To Maximize Your Profits With Google's Tools"

The majority of people online want to know how they can make more money, get more leads, and boost their credibility. That is why this course is so hot!

As an example your customers will learn a unique publishing platform that Google offers that can help get their name and brand in front of millions of potential buyers!

This is just one of many different methods taught in this 50 video course! Learn how to use the traditional Google platforms like Google Adsense, Google Adwords, Google Drive, Gmail Hacks, Google Photos, Google Docs, and more!

"IN DEPTH 50 Google Tutorials"

Follow along to learn how to use Google's tools to make more money! Just one of these methods can change your business! You will have at your disposal 50 videos covering 35 different Google tools and how you can use them to boost your income!

We know that this is going to connect with a wide segment of the market.

"I am blowing out the front end!"

This is a HIGH value product, and I am  blowing out the front end for only $27!  I am providing massive value, which means you'll see great conversions and it will be fun for everyone involved… including your customers.

We will have a full funnel of high-impact upgrades. In fact we believe this is our best funnel ever.

We expect the value per customer to be awesome.

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Front End - 50 Google Tutorial Videos With PLR:

$27 = 50% commissions!


We have 4 upsells in place all for products with licensing rights. The final part of the funnel is a $497 offer for 10 membership sites with a platinum resellers license. You earn 50% in our entire funnel!


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JV Contest With Guaranteed Prize Payouts

$525 In Cash Up For Grabs

The JV Contest with guaranteed cash payouts will run for the duration of the 4-day firesale: May 20th – 23rd. Needless to say, there is going to be a massive amount of urgency, and it’s going to convert like crazy.


There is NO minimum prize level. We will be awarding all of the prizes, regardless of how many sales you make. We will count the contest based on how much revenue you generate!

Here are your prizes.

You can choose between PayPal or Amazon gift card.

1st place: $250.00
2nd place: $125.00
3rd place: $75.00
4th place: $50.00
5th place: $25.00

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34 Ways To Exploit Google For More Money
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Secret ways to make money with Google!


Sometimes we forget that Google is more than
just a search engine or an email provider, but
it is way more than that!

In fact my friend Paul Counts, an Internet marketer
with over 16 years of experience, is going to reveal
34 different ways you can leverage Google's technology
to boost your profits!

Check out G-Hacks Here

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"G-Hacks" is a 50 video series covering 34 different
ways you can make money with Google's tools and technology!

You don't want to miss this. Training like this doesn't
come around very often.

Here are some of the methods covered:

- A unique way to search Google that almost guarantees you
are targeting the right low competition keywords for your
marketing campaigns.

- A way to use Google to publish content to the masses that
I haven't seen taught before!

- A method for finding hot niche markets across the globe!

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