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Congrats On Your Investment In This PLR Firesale! Now Get Your Own Done-For-You-Firesale with Private Label and Resell Rights! Includes 88 Hours & 41 Minutes of Content Spread Over 580 Exclusive & Professionally Recorded Internet Marketing Videos and Audios!

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"Who Else is Ready to Quickly and Easily Cash in on Firesales That Are Making People Tens of Thousands of Dollars in as Little as 7 Days?"

It's True! Firesales Are Without-a-Doubt Some of the Easiest Sales You Can Ever Make - And Here's Proof

paul-gary1From: Paul Counts and Gary Rambo
The Internet Driven Life

RE: To Marketers Looking for Done-For-You Solutions

Dear Internet Marketer,

It's right there in plain sight... hiding.

You've seen the ads. You've seen the promotions. Maybe you even bought one yourself!

But you never thought about having a Firesale yourself.  Or maybe you did but then reality hit and you thought, "That is sooooo much work! - Too much work!"

And you're right... it IS a massive amount of work. But here's some GREAT news!!

You don't have to life a finger.


Your Own Done-For-You-Firesale
with Private Label and Resell Rights!

Includes 88 Hours & 41 Minutes of Exclusive & Professionally Recorded
Internet Marketing Content In Over 580 Videos and Audios!

Yep. You read it right. Everything is Done-For-You and is ready and waiting. It only needs your name and your order button on it!

So, if you are finally ready to to step-up-to-the-plate... finally ready to 'swing for the fences'... finally ready to launch you're very own Firesale and keep 100% of the profits... then all the hard work is already done for you! You only need to do 3 simple things and you are ready to start crushing it with your own sales!

  • Add an Order Button to the Done-For-You Salesletter
  • Upload the Done-For-You Salesletter to Your Site
  • Upload The Products

BAM! You are ready to roll! Easy, right?!?

Now check this out... maybe you hate math but I Guarantee You that you will looooove this equation.

Firesales Done Right = $$$$$$ for YOU!

We've all heard the saying, 'A picture says a thousand words.'

What will the picture below say about you when you Launch Your Own Firesale and join other successful marketers that already have? 

Will it 'say'...

"Thousands (Dare I Say Tens of Thousands?) of Dollars in Your Pocket? It Just Might!"

Take a Look At These Successful Firesales!!

Incredible isn't it?!?

Firesales are simply some of the most profitable offers that you can launch! Everybody loves getting a deal and that's where you come in - you can give it to them!

But here's the amazing thing.

I know you've heard that content is King, and if that's true  - then video content is KING KONGBecause right now videos account for 73% of all internet traffic and that will go up to 82% by 2021. So you know for a fact that you don't have nearly enough video content on your site - and your customers don't either.

But that's not all...

51% of marketing professionals worldwide have said that video content provides the best Return on Investment (ROI). Do you get it? Are you losing money because you don't have enough video content on your site? Probably so - and here's the solution to get an insane amount of video content for you and your customers!

Each of these instructive and enlightening videos run anywhere from about 7 minutes down to about 2 minutes. They are perfect to sell as a whole package or to use as video content on your site. Or both. You decide!

Check out the sample video below.

Here Are All The Videos You Will Get Will Get Today!

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But That's Not Even Close to All You Get...
You'll Get All These MP3s Too!

These are all recorded professionally
and ARE NOT Made With a Voice Simulator

We're Not Done Yet! Check Out The Selection of 59 Full Length Audio Books - AND - 6 Episodes of the Magnetic Profit Zone! You Are Getting Everything!

As you know, one of the best ways to learn anything is to simply listen! So we are throwing in another 59 full-length eBooks! Take a look at everything you are getting!

And As One Last Thing to Help You Make The Right Decision Today - We Are Giving You An Additional 18 Full-Length Video Products! Check these out!

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Let's Quickly Look at Some Easy Ways You Can Make Money With The PLR and Resell Rights With This Done-For-You Firesale Package!

  • Sell the Whole Package Yourself and Keep 100% of the Profits!
  • Add Your Own Products You Have the Rights To And Make It an Even BIGGER Offer!
  • Sell the Resell Rights and Keep 100% of the Profits!
  • Break the Package Down Into Separate Products and Sell Them Separately and Keep 100% of the Profits!
  • Use it as an Upsell in Your Sales Funnels and Make Extra Cash From People Who Are Already Buying From You!
  • Use the Audios and Videos on Your Site as Content to Get People to Know, Like and Trust You So You Can Sell More!
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30-Day No Risk Money Back Guarantee

As always… you have nothing to lose! Grab this amazing offer now, download it and use it for a Full 30-Days. If during that time you are unhappy for any reason or for no reason, just send an email and let me know and I’ll give you a quick no-hassle refund. Fair enough?

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We'll see you on the inside!

You Get All Of This For Only...

DFY IM Newsletter Upgrade - Audio PLR Firesale


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