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From: Paul Counts and Gary Rambo
The Internet Driven Life

RE: To People Who Want a Reliable Monthly Income But Aren't Sure How to Get It

Dear Frustrated Internet Marketer,

You're not alone.

Life would be so much easier if you just had a way to generate a reliable and stable monthly online income.

But if you’re like most internet marketers you’re busy building sites, keeping everything organized, and dealing with that customer that can't find the download link you just sent them for a second time.

And now on top of all that...you have to create your own product...outsource the audio for it...make the video for it... and write the sales letter.

And, and, and...


It's enough to make you pull your hair out because you could be driving traffic, setting up JVs or building a new sales funnel.

You could be doing things that are making you money today... not next week or next month or even longer.

But here's good news...

...no scratch that - I meant great news.

Introducing The First Product of Its Kind in
the Internet Marketing Niche

Many of you know that one of the things that 'put me on the map' in the internet marketing world was changing the way PLR products were done. And now I am raising the bar once again with my friend and business partner Gary Rambo.

And I am proud to announce the creation of The Internet Driven Life  Multi-Media Newsletter with Resell Rights!

And here's why it changes everything for You!

  • You know people want high-quality info products with Resell Rights every month...and now you can sell it to them!
  • You know people are busy and want the convenience of audio, video & written information ...and now you can give it to them!
  • You know the internet is constantly evolving and changing and your business *must* change with it ...and now you can change with it quickly and easily!

Here's a fact for you:

Great Content is 'THE KEY' to Getting People to Know, Like and Trust You

You know that selling old, tired, worn-out 12-year old PLR content isn't going to make you any money - or - get others to see you as a First-Rate Expert or a Master Online Marketer. It just won't. And if this is 'late-breaking news' for you, sorry to be the one to burst that bubble - but it's true.

But that's exactly why Gary and I have pioneered Internet Marketing's 1st Multi-Media PLR Newsletter (audio, video & written) that allows you to instantly jump over the hurdle of providing cutting-edge, up-to-date information to your customers in whatever format they want...


...it will help you reach the level of success you've always dreamed of!



By Making You the Expert so YOU can sell more.

Now I hear you saying...'That's great Paul! But how does that help me generate a reliable monthly income? How can I get from where I am now to where I want to go?'

I'm glad you asked...

Here's The #1 Thing You Must Do If You're Serious About Making a Reliable, Stable Monthly Income

"Provide your customers with exceptional, 5-star, top-of-the-line products with resell rights that make them money not just once -- but month-after-month and year-after-year."

Sounds easy, right? And it is... if you are good at making screen capture tutorials, doing research and are really good at putting products together like me and Gary.

But honestly, there is one more critical thing you must do to earn a rock-solid monthly income... and that is give your customers what your competition can't or won't.

Why you ask?

Simply put...your customer has choices and you want to be the choice.

But here's the most important thing...

A 'Secret' So Simple to Making Money
That Most People Miss It

People want what they want -  not what you feel like giving to them.

And if you don't give it to them your competition will.

Simple, right?

Everybody I know - and I do mean everybody - doesn't necessarily want to read a newsletter. Some do... but in today's world everyone is looking for ways to maximize their time so they can make more money faster.

Instinctively you know it's true.

People looooooove to listen to audios while they are doing other things like driving, shopping or relaxing at the park for a few minutes - others like to watch videos to completely absorb what is being taught.

I listen to audios...I know for a fact Gary does...and if you are anything like us, then you do too (and if you don't you should start!).

People Want Choices

And that's where The Internet Driven Life PLR Newsletter with Resell Rights comes in - not only in written format - but in Mp3 Audio and MP4 video formats too!

And here's another thing...

Giving Visitors a Reason to Stay On Your Site
Helps You Sell More

Imagine...visitors staying on your site longer because you're giving them cutting edge information in whatever format they prefer.

You're building trust.

They're starting to like and know you a little better because in effect - you're 'rolling out the red carpet for them.'

Think for a moment about the sites you visit that do that for you. How do they make you feel? You like it and you trust that site more than one that doesn't give you what you want.

It's simply human nature.

Now take one more moment and imagine this...

What will happen with the sales of your own products or affiliate products you promote if people coming to your site trust you more? Do you think you might sell more?

It's a no-brainer.

Look, by now, you either get it or you don't. But I can guarantee that some of your competition will 'get it' and understand how powerful this is.

Will you keep up with them? Or get left behind?

Here's Everything You'll Get Today

The Newsletter in MP3 Audio Format

The Newsletter in MP4 Video Format

Brainstorming Counts Audio with Transcripts (monthly!)

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DFY IM Newsletter Upgrade - Internet Driven PLR Newsletter

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  • Keep 100% of the profits yourself.
  • Rebrand The Internet Driven Life Newsletter and use it as your own newsletter!
  • Use the written content on your own sites and position yourself as an Expert!
  • Place the audio and videos on your site and get people to stay your sites longer!

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Your Purchase Is 100% Risk Free!

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60 Day Money Back Guarantee

To prove to you just how much I believe in this offer I am giving you a full 60 days to check out this offer and decide if it is right for you. Just contact my support desk to receive your refund!

Get Started With Your Own Newsletter For Only...

DFY IM Newsletter Upgrade - Internet Driven PLR Newsletter

2 Questions You Must Ask Yourself

Are you going to risk your online business and stay stuck in the past only giving your customers one way of getting the information they want? Or are you going to do what savvy marketers do and give them the choices they want so they trust you and buy more?

It's an easy choice!

Paul Counts and Gary Rambo

P.S. Remember that you have nothing to lose with our 60-day money back guarantee. We are giving you all the tools you need for success including the video sales letter so you can start earning a stable monthly income!

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