Have me at your disposal for the next 3 months, 6 months, or full year!

"Let Me Personally Help You Succeed With Your Online Business, and Allow You to Finally Get the Hands On Support and Done for You Help Which You Desperately Need!"

Only 4 8 Coaching Spots Remain!
(Last Few Personal Service Offers from Me Sold 
Out Within Hours so Act Quickly!)

The Perfect Solution for Beginning and
Advanced Internet Marketers

Paul Counts
From the desk of: Paul Counts

Dear Entrepreneurs,

Today is your lucky day! This is what many of you have been asking me for! 

If you are tired of constantly getting stuck with your Internet business, not sure what your next steps are, need advice from an expert that has "been there, and done that before", could use techinical assistance, want your websites reviewed before they go online, want traffic help, or really almost anything else you can think of to help you take your business to the next level, than this offer is for you!

I am only interested in working with 20 highly motivated individuals that are eager to learn and ready to explode their profits!

For those that have looked at coaching before, you will find that this package is an incredible deal, and I am confident if you are serious about your business you will be ready to take action! 

Who Is This Coaching Program For?

This coaching program was created for online entrepreneurs of all levels who want to become more successful with their Internet businesses. It was created based on constant feedback I have been receiving from my subscribers about the need for personal and one-on-one coaching.

Please "check" all that apply to YOU:

 __ I am new to Internet marketing and I desperately need some direction and guidance to figure it all out!

__ I am somewhat experienced online, making some money ... but, I'd really like to significantly increase my traffic, subscribers, sales and profits!

__ I am a fairly experienced Internet marketer who wants to take my online business to the "next level" of profitability.

If you checked just one of the boxes above, then this coaching program is for YOU!.

Let me ask you a quick question: How's your internet business doing?

Take just a moment and answer that question before you move on to another sentence of this letter. Really. Stop right now and think about the current status of your efforts to make money on the Internet.

How's your internet business doing?

If you're not completely satisfied with the results, then read on, because I believe I can help you improve your bottom line with personalized coaching.

Over 10 Years of Experience Earning Money Online!

Paul CountsAs many of you know from being on my list I have been successful at making money online for almost 10 years now dating back to when I was 17 years old and still in high school! For those that don't know me here are just a few of the experiences that I have had online over my years of running online businesses.

  • Speaker and panelist at over 10 live Internet marketing events.
  • Sold over $1,000,000 worth of online businesses for clients in a 3 month period while an Internet business sales consultant.
  • Creator of over 20 Internet marketing related training products and courses.
  • Founder of Count On Us PR online marketing company which was started in high school. I was doing offline marketing before it was cool back in 2005 and still do it!
  • Have been a part of multiple six figure launches and several 5 figure launches!
  • Host of the "Count On Us Internet Profits Radio Show" which aired in Oklahoma and parts of Kansas in 2009 and 2010.
  • One of the Real Guys from the Real Coaching Club.
  • Have built an email list up to 40,000 subscribers.
  • Regularly place at the top of JV events.
  • Have made money in several niche markets as an affiliate and drop shipper.
What I Can Help You With During the Coaching?

Above I listed a few of the accomplishments online that I have had. In 10 years of running an online business I have effectively earned money online in a variety of ways and along the way have picked up skills and knowledge that I am ready to pass onto you during our time together.

Here is a list of just some of things I can assist you with. This is just a small list, and pretty much if you have a question or problem with your business that I can't solve, there is a very good chance that I  know someone else that would have the answer for you and I will use my connections to help you!

Seriously I can address just about anything you want to talk about that relates to Internet marketing...

  • Writing salesletters
  • Improving your website
  • Increasing your conversion rate
  • Writing ads and solo mailings
  • Putting together joint venture offers
  • Finding great advertising options
  • Building profitable lists
  • Publishing profitable newsletters
  • Profiting from popup windows
  • Putting together an ecourse
  • Writing a special report
  • Implementing viral marketing
  • Creating your own product
  • Buying and selling PLR or resell rights
  • Automating your business
  • Choosing the right hosting company
  • Expanding your business
  • Monetizing your customer database
  • Tweaking your blog.
  • Top tool recommendations.
  • List building tips.
  • Website reviews.
  • Setting up a sales page, one time offer, download page, etc.
  • Setting up a squeeze page.
  • Traffic generation.
  • Keeping you updated with the latest Google changes.
  • Help setting up a website selling physical products like my site (www.3jpets.com)
  • Getting into drop shipping and selling physical products.
  • Creating online videos.

  • Setting up a blog, working with themes, plugins, etc.
  • Sales page copy.
  • Help setting up PLR products.
  • Help you outsource your business.
  • Build small affiliate review sites like this one, www.playpiano.com, which earns about $100 per month.
  • Offline marketing. Get established selling to local businesses.
  • Earn income freelancing.
  • Make money as an affiliate or with Adsense.
  • Getting joint venture partners.
  • Setting up a Warrior Special Offer.
  • Setting up a product on Clickbank, JV Zoo, or WarriorPlus.
  • Setting up a membership site.
  • Selling your website. 
  • Creating Facebook pages.
  • Working with Pinterest for traffic generation.
  • Product creation tips and ideas.
  • Unique traffic generation methods.
  • Doing ad swaps and solo ads for traffic.
  • Setting and achieving goals.
  • Running a six figure business working part time!
  • Getting clients to pay you $1,000 or more per month for SEO services.
  • Setting up a daily task list to achieve your goals!
  • Plus much, much more.
Of course this is just a list that I could think of from the top of my head. If you need help with your online business I know I can help you and have the connections to help you get there. If you plan on doing anything above then you will want to seriously consider getting involved with the coaching to help you get there!

Are You Working A Full Time Job and Struggling To Get Your Business off the Ground?

Don't Quit Your Job. I have been there before!

I know how you feel when working a full time job and trying to start an online business. The best advice I can give you is to not quit your job, but let me help you create balance for your job and online business. When my business started making enough income for me to quit my job and focus completely online I was working full time and going to school.

So it is possible to create a successful online business part time. It is all about how you focus your business, and I will help you get there. I just wanted to be up front if anyone is thinking of joining the coaching and quitting your job. The best thing you can do for yourself and family is keep your job and grow your business the right way so you can eventually replace your job's income if you desire.

Testimonials About Paul Counts

"Paul knows his stuff when it comes to producing quality and content-packed videos.

More importantly, my customers love his videos and I highly recommend his services."

Ewen Chia, #1 Bestselling Author


"You make me look good and my clients ALWAYS love your stuff."

"Paul - you are amazing. This offer is amazing. Value is amazing. I too am a customer for life. You make me look good and my clients ALWAYS love your stuff. Simply amazing, again."

Mark Carillon


"Sales have increased by over 425% from this point last year! Keep doing what you are doing!"

Gary Stephens


"Who on Earth is Paul Counts?"

"Paul Counts is the all-time "Master of Video PLR" in my opinion.

I have so much respect for Paul because of the value he delivers.

I made a killing in 2010 using one of his "IM Guru" PLR video packages.

I felt great about offering it because they were some of the highest quality PLR videos I'd ever seen.

(Plus Paul is the host of an internet radio show so has a pretty nice voice for video PLR).

You may have even bought something in the past few years that you thought was created by a "guru" but it was actually Paul's PLR videos.

Quick Fact: "Gurus" go to Paul all the time for PLR to fuel their businesses.

Another thing you need to know about Paul Counts is that you can't but help to like the friggin' guy.

He's just a darn good guy as you'll find out.

Paul is a very caring person.

He's a hard-working family man who puts his all into what he does.

Paul Counts is all about integrity."

Jason Parker


I enjoy and appreciate the no BS and real honest down to earth style, and I do believe that you are onto something really valuable here with PLR content for people that are beginning on the making money online business. Looking forward to further deliveries. Good job.

Danny Barsa


"I appreciate your honesty and integrity. I was introduced to your products from another marketer who said in an email "get every product you can from Paul Counts because of the quality he puts in them". I own some of your PLR products and found that statement to be true."

Ronna Harvey


"Hey Paul, thanks for this informative video. I found you on my own a couple of years ago and have greatly benefited from being on your list as you have consistently provided valuable info and high quality products (I've bought some of your PLR products -- which were excellent btw) with no hype and no fluff. In fact, your emails are among the only IM ones I regularly open."



"Hi Paul, I've followed you since close to your beginning in I.M. and have received nothing but quality material. There was only one blip (you sent an apologetic email and I accepted your apology after having promoted something, shall I say, that was less then stellar) which just proves to me that you are a real guy and are seriously looking out for your followers/subscribers well being. I must say that you, Jeff and Eric are, without doubt, some of the the finest teachers of I.M. material on the 'Net. Keep up the good work!"

Jimmy Cook


"Good content and I am glad to know that there are still honest internet marketers on the internet. Looking forward to the next series of your videos."

Zack Lim


What You Get In My Personal Coaching Program

Now, at this point you are wondering what all you will get inside my coaching program. So I have it broken down into several modules so you understand everything you are getting access to by being my coaching students.

Component #1: Private Email Coaching (Value: $750)

In this component you will get access to me 5 days per week (typically Monday through Friday) for private email coaching. I will setup a private email account only for my coaching students and you can ask any question you want. I will go in there 5 days per week and answer questions for you, review websites, and just help you.

The Private Email Coaching Program Terms:

1. Try to limit to three questions per day. I want to to be able to give you the best personal help I can, so if you are asking all your questions in one day the answers may not be the best. Further, it is a lot easier to take action on what I tell you if you only have one or two things to folow up with instead of like 10 questions with 10 answers. 

If you find you have tons of questions just save the other ones for the next day. That will make it easier on you so you get a timely, personal, and well thought out response from me. 

The goal is to move you forward as quick as possible, not to bog you down.

2. Holidays and weekends are idle days. I will typically take the weekends off, and any major holidays that may arrive during our coaching relationship. Trust me, we'll keep plenty busy the rest of the days...we'll both deserve the break.

3. The content is up to you. We don't have a set "curriculum" that we're going to work through. There isn't a checklist to make our way down. There are no ebooks to read, no audios to listen to, no training to complete besides the bonus components mentioned below. 

What we cover is completely up to you. It's the best way I know of to make certain you get the kind of information and specialized assistance that can best help you. You ask any questions you want, and I'll answer them.

4. Try to ask questions that will help you move forward. What we're trying to accomplish here is improving your specific business strategically and profitably. We can only do that by asking (you) and answering (me) questions that are realistic.

6. You'll hear from me almost daily as long as you are asking questions and taking action! If you don't ask questions, then I won't have answers. :) Don't worry, the questions will come to you as we get started and you will be with me for quite a while so it will be ok if you miss a day or two with questions. The important thing is that you are ready to take action on the advice I give you!

7. Work at your own pace. Each day I will give you suggestions for changes and improvements. You can work at your own pace to accomplish them. Sometimes you may get it done within a few minutes. Other times, you may decide to take a few days. That's completely up to you and how quickly you want to implement the strategies we talk about. Again, this program is designed with you in mind ... work at a pace that you are comfortable with.

So, are you ready to begin?

You've got a personal coach waiting to answer your marketing questions. I'm here, ready and willing to help you increase your traffic, subscribers, sales and profits.

I have seen similar successful and effective coaching programs that just offer the personal and private email coaching with none of the services below for around $500 per month. So my $250 per month you are in the coaching is a conservative and very real value that I am putting on this!

We can begin today, but hurry because I only have 20 spots in the coaching program! Oh, yeah this component is just one of 12! Keep reading to learn more or scroll down to get started with your coaching!

Component #2: Live One-On-One Strategy Call  (Value: $300)

This part will really help you tremendously. It is made available special to personal coaching students. I typically do not do private one-on-one strategy calls or Q&A calls. These calls are your chance to get questions answered on the phone with me and to get advice on next steps or clarification from maybe the email responses.

Each month you are a part of my personal coaching you will get one 30 minute strategy call. You don't have to use these calls, and can save them for use at a later month if you choose. If you don't use them the first month, than the second month we can have an hour long call. It is completely up to you.

For live calls that last 30 minutes I do charge $100. So for every 3 months in the coaching program you are literally getting $300 worth of real value from these calls!

Component #3: Personal Strategy & Plan of Action (Value: $400)

The entire goal of this program is to give you the strategy and plan of action you need to achieve the goals you have for your online business. So in this component you will receive a personal strategy tailored towards your goals. 

During the email coaching I will determine what needs and goals you have and devise a plan that you can follow along with to achieve that. This will be an ongoing work in progress as you go through the program.

As far as the value goes I recently charged someone $400 for a personal strategy for their website and charge this to clients. Sometimes I charge more. So this is a real value of $400 to get a personal strategy suited for you!

Component #4: Unlimited Website Reviews (Value: $250)

I will be happy to review unlimited websites that you own or websites that you may be working on for clients. Some suggestions I may give you include feedback on optimizing your site better for the search engines, helping you increase your conversions on your website, giving you ideas for how to format the content on the page, reviewing squeeze page, thank you page, sales flow, etc. 

This would include the review of blogs, ecommerce sites, sales pages, squeeze pages, etc. If you have created a website and want an expert's opinion you got it!

Just submit the website you want me to review and maybe a note as to what you want me to look at and I will give you a detailed review. This type of service is invaluable and by having a successful marketer with 10 years of experience looking over it for you, this can save you days or weeks of frustration!

I put a $250 value on this because if I was going to sell this service I would offer it for $50 to my list and I am just guessing you may have me review 5 websites during the coaching period, so that is around $250, since you have unlimited website reviews this literally makes the value priceless!

Component #5: Squeeze Page Setup (Value: $75)

With this service I will actually setup a squeeze page for you from scratch. This includes the squeeze page, the download page, and your first autoresponder follow up with the download page. I will assist you (as part of the coaching above) with putting together your free offer if you need help with it.

Literally I will be offering this service for $75 apart from this coaching program so for ever 3 months of coaching you get one squeeze page setup. If you do the 12 month coaching option you would get 4 different squeeze pages setup with 4 different options. It is good to diversify and have multiple offers to send traffic to.

The squeeze page will be setup using one of 3 really high converting templates that I use. It will not include custom graphics, but you won't need those anyways. If you want them I will help you outsource them!

Component #6: Professional Wordpress Blog Setup (Value : $197)

With this service I will actually setup a professional Wordpress blog using a WooThemes or Templatic theme. I have a developer license and will setup a blog for you. This does not include any content, so you will have to supply that, but I will setup your blog and include any list building you want on the sidebars or integrate with Google Adsense if you desire that.

The value of $197 is real and actual value because I am planning on selling this service to my list in the near future. So for every 3 months you are in the coaching you get another blog setup. So the 6 month coaching option gives you 2 profesional Wordpress blog setups and the 12 month coaching option gives you 4 professional Wordpress blog setups.

Component #7: Press Release Promotion Package (Value: $129)

With this service I will actually write a press release for you promoting your website and then submit it to over 50 press release directories online. Press release promotions are extremely powerful and something that do well for you even with all of the recent Google changes. Click here to learn more about my press release promotion package so you can see what is included!

The value of $129 is real and actual value because I sell this service for $129. So for every 3 months you are in the coaching you get another press release written and submitted. So the 6 month coaching option gives you 2 press release distributions. and the 12 month coaching option gives you 4 press release distributions during that same period.

Comonent #8: Solo Ad Service (Value: $75)

For this I will send out one solo ad for you guaranteeing 250 clicks to your squeeze page or sales page. So this means I will email my list your offer encouraging them to sign up for your email list. Even if you aren't in the Internet marketing niche this service can be used for getting yourself a small list going in that niche. If your opt-in list converts at 30% (very conservative), than you should get about 70 to 80 new subscribers. That could mean an extra $30 to $50 per month so anywhere from $360 to $600 in extra revenue for you!

For every 3 months you are in the coaching you get another solo ad sent out to the squeeze page of your choice!

Remember that I am setting up a squeeze page for you so you have the complete package here!

Here is what others have said about my solo ad service so you can see the incredible value here!

What Recent Solo Ad Buyer's and Swap Partners Had To Say...

"I received in all 529 unique clicks to date and 15 total 30 day trial subscriptions! Thanks again for having such a responsive list. If you ever have another solo ad sale taking place, please notify me."


"I appreciate what you're doing and you can tell, I'm a very happy buyer. And might I add, you're the first legitimate solo ad I've ever bought so I'm pretty thrilled with the results."


"Thanks Paul, I was happy with the results, I'll be glad to buy another solo ad from you anytime."

The value is a real $75 because I sell 300 click solo ads for $100 and this is for 250 clicks to your offer. So you are getting this service bundled in to save you a pile of cash online!

Component #9: Access To Outsourcing Training Program + My Secret and Favorite Site To Outsource SEO Services  (Value: $100)

In the next two weeks I am releasing an outsourcing course that will sell for $17, but with that my coaching members will receive first hand knowledge of the company I use for outsourcing SEO services! 

Just knowing who this company is can save you and make you thousdands of dollars! For example this service has a backlinking service that sells for around $150 to you, that is marked up to over $800 to SEO clients! This company instantly gives you an entire side business of SEO services that are hands off and reliable! 

With this one company in your arsenal you could start an entirely different business just doing SEO services for various people. You can easily mark their services up 100% and higher!

Having first hand knowledge of this is worth a lot to you so take advantage of it!

Component #10: 50 Niche PLR Packages (Value: $239.40)

In the next month I am launching 50 niche white label PLR packages! This content is loaded with pages and pages of data that you can use to setup websites, create free reports, use for videos for marketing, use for creating your own set of digital products in various niches and much more!  

With 50 packages you will be getting an entire years worth of content! The price is $19.95/month for each 4 pack of content so you are getting an even 50 packages. Overall if paid for the entire year it would cost you $239.40, but it is yours free as a part of this coaching program.

I will be happy to help you take action with this content during the private email coaching part of this program!

Component #11: Weekly Affiliate Marketing Plan (Value: $47)

Again, later this month I am going to release this entire Weekly Affiliate Marketing Plan course for $47 to my subscribers. This course will sell at a discount to my list for $47 and so when it is released you will be the first to get access to it and won't have to pay the $47. It will be all yours!

This course gives you weekly action plans that you can follow to creat success as an affiliate marketer. Again, if you are lacking ideas to discuss in our coaching this should help give you ideas so I can assist you in becoming a successful affiliate marketer.

Component #12: Latest Google & SEO Changes (Value: $100)

You all know that Google and other search engines are always changing. You also know that keeping up with these changes is nearly impossible! So this component of the personal coaching program will be invaluable as each month I will update you of any important Google and SEO changes. 

I subscribe to some of the top SEO journals online and also stay on top of these kinds of changes becaues it impacts my business and my client's business. So let me be your eyes to the latest Google changes so you can just worry about running your business!

This service is invaluable, but $100 is a conservative value considering what it would cost you in subscription costs, time, and energy to stay on top of this. As long as you are a coaching student you will continue getting these latest updates!

$2,662.40 In Real World Value for
3 Month Personal Coaching Program

Choose From 3 Coaching Plans
17 20 Available Coaching Spots
(Don't Get Left Behind)

As mentioned above I am strictly limiting this to 20 coaching students for now
. I want to be able to provide you with the best possible support possible. You will have 3 different options to choose from with the coaching program. The 3 month coaching program has a complete real world value of $2,662.40 if you paid me separately for each service instead of getting the super bundled coaching discount!

Here are your coaching program options!

Option #1: 3 Months of Coaching ($2,662.40 Value) for only $497

Option #2: 6 Months of Coaching ($4,288.40 Value) for only $797

Option #3: 12 Months of Coaching ($7,690.40 Value) for only $1,200

Important Points On Guarantee and Refunds Before Ordering Personal Coaching

  • Please know that there are NO REFUNDS available for this coaching program. I am putting in a lot of my time and energy into helping you and will not be taken advantage of. If you are concerned that I won't fulfill the services and you can't get your money back, than you are protected by paying with your credit card or Paypal using the options below and can issue a chargeback if I don't deliver. That won't happen, but thought I would mention that if it makes you feel better! 

    Again, for your protection payments are run through 2Checkout.com (Pay with Paypal or a credit card) and my own merchant account where you can pay with a VISA or Mastercard. You are protected in all cases and can file for a refund if deem I have wronged you in anwyay. 
  • Additionally, I cannot and do not guarantee you'll make any money as a result of this coaching as individual results depend upon the individual's effort, situation, application and other intangibles that I have no control over.

  • You need to be prepared to work! Even though I am doing things like setting up a squeeze page for you, a blog, doing a press release promotion, and a solo ad for you, there is still going to be things that you will need to do. Just because I suggest you make changes to your site it doesn't mean that I will make the changes for you. That means you will need to have the initiative to do the changes I suggest. I am consulting with you here. 

    If you expected me to do all the work and do everything for your business, than you would be paying for all those changes and the coaching price would be up to 5 times what you are paying here today!

    With that said I know that those of you serious about this coaching program won't have an issue with any of these terms because you are focused on your success.


How This Will Work After You Place Your Order?

Before we get started, let me explain to you how the personal coaching works. After you submit your order through one of the options below, here's what will happen in the coaching program.

Step 1: Checkout and Let Me Reach Out To You. After your order is processed, you'll be taken to my blog's web form. On this form you will want to send me an introductory message and also supply me with your best email address and phone number for follow up. I will email you personally within 48 hours after joining my coaching program, just to make double sure you have my email.

Step 2: Introduce Yourself I need to get to know a little about you as we begin our coaching journey together. Specifically, I want you to answer three questions for me in your very first email (in response to the one I send) so I can analyze your specific needs:

1. What are your goals? Both short-term and long-term. Clearly let me know what you want to accomplish with your business and with the coaching program.

2. Where is your website? Please provide the exact URL so I can access your current site and make notes about how we can improve it.

3. What is your most important question? Please let me know where you want to begin. I need to know what you think is most important and what you have in mind to address first.

Step 3: Interact Frequently Mainly Monday through Friday you will get an email reply to me if you asked a question. Typically it will give you some sort of action you can implement or it will confirm you are going in the right direction.

You can also upload files in case you have an ebook or a report or something similar that you want me to critique.

It basically is a personal, one-on-one, question and answer program.

Each day you ask me one question. Each day I answer it with suggestions. Each day you implement the changes. We move on.

Let Me Help You Finally Break Through
Your Online Business!


YES Paul! I Want To Secure My
Personal Coaching Spot


I understand you have limited coaching spots available and fully agree that I need your help to get my business going in the right direction.


I further understand that the sooner I place my order below, the better chance I have of securing a coaching spot.


On that basis, let me get you to coach me either for 3 months, 6 months, or a full year! Low, One-Time Investment For Coaching Help.

Option #1: 3 Months of Personal Coaching for $497


(Visa and Mastercard Payments)

(Use 2CO for Paypal, American Express, or Discover Card)

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods
and services provided by Count On Us, LLC.

Option #2: 6 Months of Personal Coaching for $797


(Visa and Mastercard Payments)

(Use 2CO for Paypal, American Express, or Discover Card)

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods
and services provided by Count On Us, LLC.

Option #3 (Best Value): 12 Months of Personal Coaching for Only $1,200


(Visa and Mastercard Payments)

(Use 2CO for Paypal, American Express, or Discover Card)

2CheckOut.com Inc. (Ohio, USA) is an authorized retailer for goods
and services provided by Count On Us, LLC.

(I reserve the right to end this offer at anytime without warning.)



Thank you for your time! I look forward to working with you!

To Your Success,

Paul Counts

P.S. After purchasing your personal coaching you will be taken to a form on my website where you can input your name, email, and phone number so I can follow up with you personally. Please allow 24 to 48 hours for the intial contact from me.

I will also get in touch with you by email in the next 24 to 48 hours if you don't fill out the form so that is ok. I am looking forward to working with you!

P.P.S. If you don't need personal coaching, but want group coaching try out the Real Coaching Club for 30 days for only $17!

Click To Join Me In The Real Coaching Club

Real Coaching Club

DISCLAIMER: Every effort has been made to accurately represent the service and it's potential. Results vary with every individual, and your results may or may not be different from those depicted. No promises, guarantees or warranties, whether stated or implied, have been made that you will produce any specific result, income or sales as a result of purchasing this service. As with any business endeavor, there is an inherent risk of loss of capital and there is no guarantee you will earn any money.

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